Company Introduction
       Monkula Enterprise Co., Ltd. original name was YingFan Enterprise Co., Ltd., established in 2001, as a professional valve and mechanical hardware parts processing plant, customers are mainly end-users in Germany and Japan. In 2008, YingFan Enterprise Co., Ltd transformed and began to develop anti-vibration cutting tools and changed company name to Monkula Enterprise Co., Ltd. We have been manufacturing anti-vibration cutting tools for more than 12 years and have been sold in more than 30 countries around the world. The production line has CNC Lathe、Five-axis CNC machine、giant lathe. In addition to the standard specifications of anti-vibration cutting tools, we also provide customized tooling services. Besides, product performance is also tested by the Precision Machinery Research and Development Center (PMC). We have extensive processing experience to assist our customers in solving difficult machining problems. The application range of the anti-vibration cutting tools includes: lathe, milling machine, boring and grinding machine.
Y-Type External Turning Tool :
-Y-Type External Turning Tool
-Y-Type Anti-Vibration External Turning Tool 
-Y-Type External Turning Tool with Coolant Hole
-Y-Type Anti-Vibration External Turning Tool with Coolant Hole 

Anti-Vibration Boring Bars Series :
-3D-5D One Piece Anti-Vibration Boring Bar
-5D-6D Chatter off type Anti-Vibration Cutter
-Chatter off type Anti-Vibration Cutter with Coolant Hole
-M3S Anti-Vibration Boring Bar
-Removable Type Anti-Vibration Boring Bar
-TSC Removable Type Anti-Vibration Boring Bar
-Removable Type CI Anti-Vibration Boring Bar
-Removable Cutting Head
-Combination Type Anti-Vibration Boring Bar
-Giant Anti-Vibration Boring Bar
-Anti-Vibration Cutting Sleeve
-Custom-Made Product
Test Report
PMC Test Report
Utility Patent

Patent Number: I - 419764

Date of issue:December,21,2013

Title of the invention:Anti-Vibration Cutting Tools

Patentee:Monkula Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Inventors:Marshal Lin